Sports Betting – Are You Winning?

Should you listen to sports experts?

A lot of people betting on their favorite teams in sports end up losing money simply because they go with the current trend and what the sport pundits are saying about a particular team without using their own sixth sense. Mind you, you should keep your eyes and ears open to what is happening in your selected sports but you should always do your homework. Remember the Buster Douglas vs Tyson fight, the odds against Douglas to win was 42 to 1 but we all know the result now. Sports betting is a combination of what is in the sports book, what the experts are saying and what you feel will happen based on what you currently know.

If you did not win on the last Superbowl…

Let’s say you were to bet on the last Superbowl game between the Saints and the Colts. Weeks or month prior to the game, you would want to know which player is in a slump, which one has been hot and still is, who is injured who has been playing with injuries. Things like, what are the week and strong points of the quarterbacks can help you tremendously with your bets, regardless of what the books and the experts are saying. I am not denying any kind of sourced information that you may get from the sports book or the experts but you should see the reality for what it is. If a team that is favored to win doesn’t show the numbers the books are talking about, there is serious doubt that it will be able to accomplish that, unless it get lucky!

Knowledge is power!

I am sure that there are all kind of mathematical formulas, trends and other statistics that purport to show you what the final results will be. You can use the formulas, but don’t forget that any given formula always has some unknowns, therefore you have to use it with caution, else you may be throwing your hard earned money away. You can of course, try a few things and see if they work and perhaps add a few little things to complement them but always approach every bet with an open mind if you want to have some degree of success in sports betting.

Stack the odds in your favour!

There are no magic tricks or surefire way to win at betting in sports. A thing you routinely use with success may not work the next time you use it. You must know the odds, place your bet on the right sports book, listen to public opinion and see if you can detect any little signs of incongruity in what they are saying. Take the time to study before betting. See the entire picture that is available to you and use your wisdom and experience to decide. With time you will be winning consistently, or at least more often than not when betting on your favorite team.

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